Ventura Lambrate

12 – 17 APRIL 2016
Milano, Italy

The 7th edition of Ventura Lambrate experiences a great atmosphere in a unique area full of new design and concepts. New locations like Via Conterosso 34, Via Cletto Arrighi 10, Via Ventura 15 fourth and fifth floor, Via Ventura 17 and Via Massimiano 25 are presented and the floor has been given to over 160 exhibitors.

This year we see returning exhibitors, design influences from the past and traditions being broken within the themes Thinking Traditions, Return of.., The Young Ones, Memphisism, Mad men, Galleries & Garages, Technology and Academies.

For the floorplan and logo Ventura Lambrate collaborates with graphic designer Hansje van Halem. Van Halem’s work is well known for its labour intensive, vertiginous and striking graphic designs. To create a temporary logo, Van Halem decided to play with the texture of the existing Ventura Lambrate logo. This resulted in a tactile 3D logo. “I see the logo as a starting point to further develop a design method for the floor plan,” explains Van Halem. “Besides making the floor plan clear and communicative for visitors, I also wanted it to look appealing. I hope that visitors at Ventura Lambrate 2016 see the floor plan and immediately think: I want to have and keep this!” 


Cheers to all the visitors and exhibitors of Ventura Lambrate 2016. Yet again a great edition!

Here is the 7th edition translated in numbers:

  • over 100.000 visitors
  • 1873 journalists
  • 160 exhibitions
  • over 600 participating designers
  • 29 different nationalities
  • 20 locations
  • 27 academies
  • 1 online shop
  • 2 Milan Design Awards won by Ventura Lambrate 2015exhibitors: Lensvelt & Space Encounters and Jelle Mastenbroek

At Ventura Lambrate 2016 you could also find 2000 press kit pencils, 1 big melted ice cube of 750 kg, 1 sculpture of 2 by 1,85 meters made of LECA nuts and white concrete, 100s of chili burgers and bagels by ‘Just Like Your Mom’,  12 Ventura Lambrate animals, 40 coloured tapestries , 98 exhibited lamps and 150.000 crumpled paper balls .

Floorplan 2016


Ventura Projects is proud of the media partners and relations they are collaborating with for Ventura Lambrate 2016. 


Our prefered monitor and screen partner: