Ventura Lambrate

14 – 19 April 2015
Milano, Italy

Six editions on and still going strong. Ventura Lambrate 2015 highlights the theme of Unite and Connect, one of Ventura Lambrate’s core values. This edition also sets the stage for crossovers between design and fields of science and social progress, material research and pioneering design–fashion/couture hybrids. Technology features prominently where intriguing projects, for instance involving self-assembly furniture, programmable materials and an artisanal collaboration, will challenge our visions about the future of design.

Academies and young talents continue to headline Ventura Lambrate, where this year's overall trend will see designers break free of discipline-specific frameworks and take design education to the next level.

Ventura Lambrate 2015 also marks the tenth Ventura Project: a cause for celebration! In the last six years Ventura Projects has proudly brought together some 680 presentations across four cities.

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