Ventura  Projects are carefully curated design events in major design hotspots like Milan, New York and Dubai with a specific focus on international contemporary design – both by upcoming designers as well as by established brands and labels.

Ventura Future returns to cultural project BASE Milano from 16 - 21 June during Milan Design Week 2020. Ventura Future is an exhibition area highlighting original, cutting-edge and impactful design. 

Besides Ventura Future, the fourth edition of Ventura Centrale is returning to the vaulted warehouses at the Milan Central Station during Milan Design Week 2020. The historic spaces will be the stage for brands that master the art of storytelling. With over 68,000 visitors in 2019, extensive media coverage and great business opportunities for the exhibitors, Ventura Centrale will once again be a must-see Design Week destination in 2020. Interested in joining the 2020 exhibition? Drop us an e-mail.

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Latest news

Ventura Projects 2020

New dates Ventura Centrale & Ventura Future 2020

27 February 2020

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) which affects the daily life in the North of Italy, the main furniture fair Salone del Mobile will be postponed to 16 - 21 June 2020. After consulting with our partners and direct stakeholders, we would like to announce that both Ventura Future and Ventura Centrale will take place simultaneously with the Salone del Mobile and all the main events of Milan Design Week from 16 – 21 June 2020. Click to read more.

Ventura Centrale 2020

Kick-start your design itinerary for Milan Design Week

13 February 2020

During a packed press conference today in, several speakers revealed what we can expect for the 2020 editions of Ventura Future and Ventura Centrale. Exciting plans and promising launches were shared with the international press. This press release will bring you up to speed and get you ready for April’s design explosion!

Ventura Centrale 2020

Ventura Centrale 2020: The First Names

12 December 2019

Ventura Projects is proud to announce the 4th edition of Ventura Centrale. From 21 April to 26 April, the vaulted warehouses of the Milan central railway station will once again be the stage for brands that master the art of storytelling. The upcoming edition will host exhilarating presentations by NOROO Group, OBJECT CARPET x Ippolito Fleitz Group, Yamaha and Studio Italia Design by Luca Nichetto among others.

Ventura Future 2020

Final Call for Entries Ventura Future 2020

2 December 2019

With just a few weeks left, Organisation in Design is calling design studios and creative brands from all over the world to apply for the third edition of Ventura Future during Milan Design Week. We have reopened the Call for Entries and you have until 12 January 2020 to submit your work for Ventura Future, which will take place from 21 to 26 April 2020 in partnership with creative hub BASE Milano. Don't miss out on the biggest design event of the year!


Milano Design Week 2019

Day 7 & 8: It's a wrap!

14 April 2019

All good things comes to an end! We celebrated our 10th anniversary with a record of visitors, a catalogue of amazing reactions and a long list of happy exhibitors. I can easily say these editions of both Ventura Future and Ventura Centrale were a great success!!! During the weekend I hopped into our VIP van to cruise the city. Like everyone at the end of this week, the exhaustion is also getting to me, so having a personal driver was a blessing. I got a little taste of the design bomb that exploded over the city at the exhibitions of Alcova, Isola, Wallpaper, and - unfortunately - only a few more.

Milano Design Week 2019

Day 6: Back to the future

12 April 2019

Back to the future today! After a few days of running around, today I had the time to really spend some quality time with the 83 projects that are on view at Ventura Future. I was thrilled to talk to many of the designers because these projects are so interesting and so thought-provoking that it would be a total waste to rush through them.

Milano Design Week 2019

Day 5: Come rain or shine

11 April 2019

“Five appointments not to miss” “Milan Design Week must see” “Young, fresh and innovative” These are just a handful of quotes about Ventura Centrale and Ventura Future from the media that I woke up to this morning. Journalists are writing so extensively that it’s nearly impossible to keep up and archive. Today I had another two interviews. The media storm is not over, it has only begun!

Milano Design Week 2019

Day 4: Friends, Fries and Future

10 April 2019

To start the day with the sight of queuing visitors at Ventura Centrale and Ventura Future before the doors open in the morning is heartwarming. Another day for people to get inspired by design installations and products of the future! I like! I, myself, am running from meeting to meeting. The first one of the day was with the Singapore Design Council, who I have come to known very well over the years. Then with Architonic, the amazing media platform and partner for many years. And, very excitingly, with the design department of Google.

Milano Design Week 2019

Day 3: It's business time

9 April 2019

It feels already like Friday, but officially the Milan Design Week has only just begun. This morning I gave a guided tour at Ventura Future to members of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, to the Topteam Creative Industry, and to the Dutch Consulate General of Milan. For several projects both in Milan and in Holland we work closely together with these institutions and it’s always a pleasure to lay out the current design trends. They were especially interested in the bio-design project we organised together with the Dutch Consulate in Milan.

Milano Design Week 2019

Day 2: Press Preview

8 April 2019

No soft launch this year! At 10am sharp the first journalists entered the BASE Milano premises for their first glimpse at Ventura Future. To be followed by the press preview later in the afternoon at Ventura Centrale. It’s like people are taking the first bite of a meal you prepared with so much care. And they say it’s tasty!

Milano Design Week 2019

Day 1: Build Up

7 April 2019

And BOOM, I’ve touched base again! For the 10th time the team and I are about to open two Ventura Projects events at the Milan Design Week. It’s crazy to think that the journey started a decade (a decade!!) ago, in the Lambrate area, with a dozen exhibitors and an untamable ambition. Little did I know that ten years later we would be host to some of the biggest brands such as Yamaha, FREITAG, Cosentino, Lavazza and Gufram and that we would be celebrating design with future talents such as the students of Royal College of Art, Enis Akiev, UNIQKA and Kans op Hagel.

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