Organisation in Design (the creators of Ventura Projects) and Beyond Space bundled forces to set up the Certosa Initiative. A promising ex-industrial complex in the Certosa District of Milan will be transformed to showcase the best of contemporary design during Milan Design Week 07-12 June 2022

Margriet Vollenberg, founder of Organisation in Design and now art director of Certosa Initiative, is, together with Remi Versteeg and his team from Beyond Space, determined to show the transformative power of design.

The Certosa Initiative will inhabit a total of 10.000 m2 of a previously industrial complex featuring a variety of spaces ranging from inside to outside, from small and cozy to grand and monumental. There are stages, patios, rooftops, corners and spaces for you to take over and bring to life with your own project and exhibit your work. From emerging talents to established brands, the Certosa Initiative holds space for you.

Are you thinking of showcasing in Milan again and would you like to be part of this new talk-of-the-town? Apply via www.certosainitiative.com


About Ventura Projects

Ventura Projects, created by Organisation in Design, were carefully curated design events in major design hotspots like Milan, London, New York, Berlin, Courtrai, and Dubai with a specific focus on international contemporary design – both by upcoming designers as well as by established brands and labels.

After many successful editions, the Ventura Projects events unfortunately came to an end due to the irreversible impact the global COVID-19 outbreak had on the company. The events will no longer be on show during Milan Design Week and other international design events in the future. 

Organisation in Design continues with various projects with dedication to globally advancing, helping and promoting international contemporary design.

Latest news

Ventura Projects

Ventura Projects in Milan must stop after 10 editions

15 May 2020

After 10 successful editions and while fully prepared for the 11th edition of Ventura Projects during Milan Design Week 2020, Ventura Projects is no longer feasible. Both Ventura Centrale and Ventura Future had to be cancelled due to the global COVID-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, these cancellations have had a massive and irreversible impact on the company. Margriet Vollenberg, founder and art director of Ventura Projects, sadly had to make the impossible and heartbreaking decision to stop all Ventura Projects activities, leaving a massive gap in the entire design world. This means that after many successful editions the Ventura Projects events, organised by Organisation in Design, will no longer be on show during Milan Design Week and other international design events in the future.

Ventura Projects 2020

Channelling Change at Virtual Design Festival

28 April 2020

Since its beginning, Organisation in Design's Ventura Projects has represented hundreds of international and Dutch designers, academies and studios at design events all around the globe by showcasing the many-faceted world of design. Ventura Projects is pleased to announce its latest curated exhibition Channelling Change: Inside A Designer’s Brain, launching 29 April at Virtual Design Festival powered by Dezeen.

Ventura Projects 2020

Ventura Projects at Dezeen’s Virtual Design Festival

22 April 2020

In a changing world, Ventura Projects is happy to announce a wonderful collaboration with our main media partner Dezeen. Premiering on 29 April 2020 at 12:00 PM (BST), Ventura Projects proudly presents a selection of 81 international designers, academies and brands at Virtual Design Festival, the world’s first online design festival. Be inspired and amazed by groundbreaking product launches and fascinating design stories!

Ventura Projects 2020

Milan Design Week 2020 suspended

30 March 2020

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster for all of us. Who could have imagined after a successful Ventura Projects press conference in Milan on 13 February that the world would completely change in such a short period of time? Due to the severe outbreak of COVID-19, which is still affecting Italy and the rest of the world, the main furniture fair Salone del Mobile Milano was officially suspended by I Saloni on Friday 27 March 2020. Also, the upcoming editions of Ventura Future and Ventura Centrale – that were supposed to take place from 16-21 June 2020 in Milan – will not go on.

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