Ventura Lambrate

In 2010, the first Ventura Project was launched in Lambrate – an industrial district in the northeastern suburbs of Milan. Ventura Lambrate 2010 was the first fully curated area of the FuoriSalone during the Milan Design Week. The Milan Design Week is the most important and renowned design event in the world; for already more than 50 years, this event announces the start of the new design year internationally. Every April, the official fair ‘Salone del Mobile’ and all associated events (with the overarching title ‘FuoriSalone’) occupy the center and reach out into the neighbourhoods of Milan. And each year, a large, influential and professional audience heads to Milan to discover the newest designs, to scout fledgling talent, to obtain fruitful inspirations and to do business.

Ventura Lambrate quickly established its name as being a leading-edge design district: featuring exhibitions of internationally acclaimed creatives, design academies, creative labels, debuting talents and conceptual design experiments. The six-day event hosts its exhibitions and pop-up restaurants in and around the collective factory halls, gallery spaces and shared courtyards that are characteristic for the Lambrate area.

The art-directors of the Dutch Organisation in Design, Margriet Vollenberg and Margo Konings, started Ventura Lambrate after being introduced to the architect Mariano Pichler who has been working on the redevelopment of Lambrate for several years. Lambrate, with its broad streets, beautiful galleries and rough, abandoned factory halls was exactly what the curators of Ventura Lambrate had been looking for.

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