Ventura Centrale

17 - 22 april 2018
Milano, Italy

After the overwelhelming succes of the first edition of Ventura Centrale in 2017, Ventura Projects will yet again open the beautiful abandoned warehouses underneath Milan’s Central Station. Our second edition of Ventura Centrale is the result of almost twenty years of experience in the creative industry.

This year, we will present an eclectic mix of contemporary design by showcasing both emerging as well as established brands, such as: NittoAsahi GlassStephan Hürlemann and horgenglarusSurface Magazine with David RockwellEditamateria with Antonio AricòBaars & BloemhoffEILEEN FISHER presents DesignWork, curated by Li Edelkoort, and a project by Fabrica. We are opening up more vaults in the monument complex that is Milan Central Station and will reveal more of its industrial setting. Again this will become the perfect backdrop for innovative design installations in the heart of the city!