Ventura Lambrate 2013

Ventura Lambrate’s capacity to capture pioneering design projects and to present emerging design trends collectively. Ventura Lambrate 2013 focused on the visualisation of the upcoming trends, methods, visions and approaches that characterise nowadays design. It showed the latest works from the academies, the thin line between art and design, up-and-coming and established talents, creative kitchens, a look at the design processes and the world of design commerce.

Two new collective exhibitions were introduced: Ventura At Work and Ventura Warehouse. Ventura At Work was located between the old machines of a former printing factory. The exhibition format offered the designers broader exhibition possibilities: to present their “behind the scenes”, to work on the spot and to show how they invented, designed and managed their own instruments, machineries, materials, tools and techniques. The Ventura Warehouse was a platform dedicated to a selection of design pieces created by exhibitors who were the beginning of their career and therefore not ready to show complete lines of work yet. The Warehouse was strategically placed next to the pop-up restaurant of the company Diesel lifestyle & Amaro Creative Industries.

The special project of Ventura Lambrate 2013 was the “Curators’ Choice” exhibition by the curators of Ventura Lambrate, Margriet Vollenberg and Margo Konings, which was inspired by the hundreds of applications they reviewed.  The curators chose a small selection of works that offered a first glimpse of what the Ventura Lambrate 2013 exhibitions were about. For the complete exhibitors list click here.

New this edition was the daily newspaper “Ventura Lambrate Today”. A team of reporters, photographers and editors published an instant newspaper about Ventura Lambrate from their pop-up office in Ventura Lambrate.

Ventura Lambrate 2013 counted:

  •  over 80.000 visitors
  •  over 1.200 registered journalists
  •  66 exhibitions with 135 exhibitors
  •  of which 2 collective exhibitions: Ventura At Work & Ventura Warehouse
  •  1 special project: Curators’ Choice
  •  795 participating designers
  •  30 nationalities
  •  15 locations, together 10.000 m2 exhibition space

“It’s hard to believe Ventura Lambrate has only been part of the Salone del Mobile for four years now. Organisation in Design is behind the Ventura Lambrate, starting the project in 2010 as a celebration of creativity, quality, experimentation, and content. Now, Lambrate is a firm fixture for many visitors to Milan in April.” Cassandra Pizzey,, NL

‘’Ventura Lambrate, the best element of the fair, in my opinion, although I could be accused of being biased (Indesign were media sponsors). The fresh ideas from emerging global talent, creative solutions and raw energy is the antithesis of the careful development and big budgets of companies exhibiting at the fair.’’, AU

‘’If you were to choose – be it for the lack of time, be it for the lack interest – only a couple of things to see at Salone del mobile, one of those should be Ventura Lambrate. A particularly ‘independent’ design district in the corporate-owned design fair, this cluster of internationally acclaimed creatives, young talents and small creative brands is the place to be.’’ Rujana Rebernjak,, IT

“This year’s Ventura Lambrate was part of the FuoriSalone for the fourth time. The meeting point for next-generation design, experiments and ambitious individual exhibitors had a real feel of work in progress about it. Development and manufacturing processes played a major role.”  Uta Abendroth, Stylepark, DE

Ventura Lambrate 2013 is successfully realised thanks to our Media Partners and Relations: