Ventura Dubai

26-29 march 2018
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A new Ventura Project is to land in Dubai at the INDEX Design Series 2018 – in other words, we’ll be crossing the desert! VENTURA DUBAI will be a creative oasis in a mostly commercial environment, bringing innovative design concepts with a particular focus on concept, quality and content to a fast-growing economy.

Of course, we are hugely excited by this opportunity. By inviting Labels to present at VENTURA DUBAI and showcasing the work of designers in our Collective Exhibition, we wish to form a unique and internationally relevant area for design and, by extension, contribute to the ever-evolving design culture in Dubai.

Ventura DUBAI has partnered with DMG events to bring enterprise to life for designers. Our projects have always focused on providing a platform for (young) talented designers—an objective which lends itself perfectly to VENTURA DUBAI, which is not only a low-cost opportunity for all participants but also introduces them to the Eastern market.

This new Ventura Project is to become an exhibition area which will focus on high quality products, innovation, craftsmanship and signature.

For more information about the project, Click here.