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Press material for the current Ventura Projects can be downloaded anytime from our online press page for Ventura Lambrate 2017 and Ventura Centrale. Feel free to contact us if you have any further requests for information, images or interviews. 

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Ventura Lambrate 2017

Ventura Lambrate invites you!

28 March 2017

Make sure your favourite pair of sneakers have some extra miles in them because the 8th edition Ventura Lambrate is coming up!

VC: Announcing ALL the Ventura Centrale exhibitors

14 March 2017

It’s almost time – from 4 – 9 April 128 exhibitors from all over the world will arrive in Lambrate for the 8th edition of Ventura Lambrate. We now present you with the full list of everything that you will be able to see, touch, smell and experience.

Announcing the 2017 Ventura Lambrate themes: Social design and cultural heritage

6 March 2017

Design processes are in essence social – an aspect that demonstrates the designer’s role and responsibility in society. Every year Ventura Lambrate reveals the importance of collaboration and social change in design. You will find mixed collectives, international academies and a range of different backgrounds all uniting to address social issues. In the 2017 edition we have a total of 36 nationalities and 20 academies.

Announcing the 2017 Ventura Lambrate themes: It’s all in the material

1 March 2017

As always, Ventura Lambrate puts a strong emphasis on the development and usage of new materials. During the 2017 edition a range of projects will show how designers rethink resources, discover new processes and discuss the implications of material use for the environment. The re-evaluation of materials is even more important in a time when technologies are evolving but resources are diminishing. In addition to some in-depth material research, the Ventura Lambrate visitor will be able to see final products showcased, each being the result of unusual materials utilisation or material combinations.

Announcing the 2017 Ventura Lambrate themes: Lamp, light and beyond

15 February 2017

A lively and exploratory interest in lighting illuminates our Ventura Lambrate 2017 exhibition spaces, where designers look beyond the mere aesthetics of lamps and investigate the effects that lighting has on its surroundings and on those who view it. The participating designers search for new methods and techniques for recreating natural types of light and seek the perfect balance between light and colour, transcending the ordinary lamp.

Ventura Lambrate 2017

Are you ready for take-off?

12 January 2017

Now that we are at the beginning of the new year, this also means that the eighth edition of Ventura Lambrate (4-9 April 2017) will be starting in less than three months! We are proud to share with you the first confirmed names! Ready for take-off – destination Milan?


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