Ventura Future Presents: The Future Landscape of Design

26 February 2018

MILAN – Ventura Future is the latest event by Organisation in Design and will take place during Milan Design Week (17-22 April, 2018) in three exceptional locations in the Loreto district in Central Milan, only two metro stops from Ventura Centrale
and a five minute walk from Bar Basso. This first edition of Ventura Future shows
its visitors how designers are taking the lead in shaping the future. 

The fact that our world is changing rapidly, and that we find ourselves facing environmental, social, political and technical challenges, should come as no
surprise. We have hit exciting times in design history, wherein the world is increasingly embracing the ability of designers to think outside of conventional structures and produce radical solutions. Distinctions between the traditional disciplines are becoming less clear, demonstrating that cross-practice between designers, technologists, engineers and analytics is shaping better outcomes.

From big data to complex networks, from resource management to health care issues - Ventura Future presents… Read more.