Press Page Info

On our online press database you can easily download high resolution images and press releases. Click on an image and download it, or select multiple images (select the images by clicking on the top-right side of each image) and then download them through the red download button on the top-right side of the website. Downloading all images from a folder is also possible by ticking the box on the top-right side of the website and then click the red download button. For more details consult the guidelines.

All images and information from the press page can be used for publications or personal use, as long as the designer/label is mentioned together with the photo credit (if present). In case of publication we would like to receive a digital copy at

Please contact Carlijn Bosch (PR & Communications Consultant) if you have any other questions via or +31 302 71 63 11 / +31 648 51 73 67.